Thursday, March 04, 2010

Old quilt pieces.

At the quilting group meeting this past Monday, Priscilla gave me this bunch of pieces which are from old antique (looks like) quilt.

They are gorgeous, but cannot get an idea what I want to make with those.

A Christmas ornament?
A tote bag or a pouch using these for applique?

Don't blame me for such poor ideas coming up (>_<)!!

By the way, Priscilla who gave me those beautiful pieces is a great famous artist.
This is an e-mail from my dear friend Donna :

"Did you know that Priscilla's jacket won Honorable Mention at the MAQF in Hampton?!!!
Also, her piece in "Meet the Artist: SAQA 20th Anniversary Trunk Show" has been chosen to be one of the 55 pieces archived in the permanent collection of the International Quilt Study Center at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. It will be available to researchers and students as a record of the art quilt in 2009."

Priscilla Creations

I am standing far away from a contest or a show though, I do understand she achieved great things. She is one of a great artist in our group!

Congratulations :)