Friday, May 07, 2010

A Gift from my sister-in-law

The other day, I received a package from my sister-in-law.

The contents was pictures of my nephews, drawings drawn by them, and a letter from her. I put the pictures on my board so I can see them when I face to my computer!

The board has some pics behind of my nephews one, I am so sorry they couldn't win my nephews...

The Japanese sentence says : Kyoko, come back (to Japan) soon and teach me English

And their drawings.
I put them on the wall, again I can see them when I face to my computer :)

And today!

We have a long national holidays in the first week of May called Golden Week in Japan. My sister-in-law had hoped to visit the Tokyo Disney Land as a family trip for at least 3 years, and finally they made it this year!!
She sent me bunch of pictures of the trip, I am so happy to see in the pictures they had a great time!

Yuta - 7 years old.

Hayato - 5 years old.

Takeru - 1 year old.

They always make me happy! My sister-in-law knows enough of it, so she anyway send me pictures of them or let me know how they are doing occasionally. I am so lucky to have such a lady who cares about me as my family! Appreciating my brother, too!!