Friday, November 05, 2010


My blog post was featured at "sew-what'" yesterday!
It is now decorating their front page :D (11/05/9:23am)
And featured section if you have missed the front page is here.

According to the editor(?) who picked up my blog post :

Emi didn't realize how fun paper piecing was until she made this gorgeous baby quilt. While sorting and organizing her stash, she decided to make this crib quilt in one day. I love the colors she used and the simplicity of it's overall look.


I didn't mention anything about paper piecing in the description and I didn't use paper piecing method for this quilt, well, it's OK...
And my housemate said that "your English is kind of.... funny..." though, well, it's OK for now.
ANYWAY, this post was on their mailing list this morning!! Whaaaaaaaao!

The email from the mailing list looks like this!

Actually, I received an email through Flickr in the last August from one publishing company that was offering to include my quilt on their book. Unfortunately I have missed her message since I didn't log in Flickr for a loooooooooooooooooooooong time... I have missed an important opportunity a possibility of publishing my quilt... I was SO shocked when I found the message, well..., there is not much I can do after 3 months of the message. STILL SHOCKED (>_<)!

So, what I've decided is keep making an original quilt.
Keep working :) Maybe, the second change may fall on me.
Anyway I am so happy to know someone liked my quilt.

Hope you guys and ladies have a wonderful weekend! :)