Monday, December 13, 2010

Eating, eating, eating...

Holiday = Potluck = Foods = Happy.
I had 3 potlucks and one lunch appointment only for this week.
Potluck is always fun, but eating too much everyday. I am afraid to weigh my weight the end of year..., I don't have a scale though.

Anyway, pictures of foods! :D
Quilting group : Playing outside of the block
At Elly's!
I had wanted to attend Elly's luncheon since everyone's reputation is so great! But had to wait 3 years, since something happened and stopped me to be there. I was so impressed and excited to be a part of this luncheon this year! As everyone says, it was gorgeous and cozy!!

We had fabric exchange, and what I got is this. Judith brought a little cute ornament for all of us :) Thank you.

Then looked for some fabrics at home that could match with, and I thought it might be a good idea to go with other simple lines pattern.

QU Winter luncheon at City hall.
Our leader of the group : Playing outside of the block ; Donna did a super great job. I thought she is a great writer, but not only that talent, she is a great organizer.

And "Old man club".
I just call this club as "Old man club", but young men or young women also come. This is a meeting of Ham radio. I don't do Ham though, just tagged along with my friend.

And buffet lunch... some people may not believe, but I ate all foods on this plate. It was too much for me, I misjudged the amount of food how much I can put in my stomach. I anyway finished it, because I think it is rude to throw away once I took them on my plate, and I don't like to waste foods. It was hard! :(

I do appreciate for I can have plenty of foods to eat.
Gochisousama deshita! ( = I really enjoyed the meal very much, thank you for the food.)