Friday, December 10, 2010

Japanese Comics

Have you been enjoying this holiday season???
Sure, I have :D
We will have Christmas very soon!

Found those at one of a library book sale the last weekend.

25 cents for each pieces?!
Originally, it cost about $4.50 in Japan.
This comic story is looooooooooooong,
it started ... maybe when I was in high school,
so... more than 20 years ago.

Those are 2nd series of the story,
and I have already read whole 1st series at my best friend's,
when I visited her 4 years ago,
and I was hoping to read the 2nd series.

I anyway got 3 of them though,
I know it is just a beginning of the 2nd story.
My best friend in Japan should have whole this series,
I have to look forward to reading it after 3 chapters
once I started to read it.

Now I am thinking if I should start it or even not to start...