Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Birthday cake!

Mont Blanc :D :D - which is a chestnut cake. This is very popular in Japan, it is hard for me to believe this cake is not on the market here! I love Mont Blanc since I was a little. One of my aunt occasionally used to get it for me when I was a little.

Mont Blanc cake images (Japanese site).

My friend called 7 bakeries in my area to ask if they carry it or not, and all of them didn't know what Mont Blanc is. I was going to make it by myself since other of my friend gave me a good recipe and she told me that I can get canned chestnut at Wegman's or Harris Teeter so that I don't have to go through hard process to make chestnut paste.

A pastry chef of one of the bakeries that my friend called called back later, and she said she would like to try to bake the cake specially for me :D :D :D :D

So, here is the Mont Blanc I had for my birthday, they were terrifically delicious !!!!! (>_<)
It was difficult for me to finish the last piece when I thought "This is really the last one!!". I believe the pastry chef should add this cake to her line as regular sales item for her bakery. It will be a big hit for her business!!!


P.S. I really enjoyed until the last tiny piece of this cake..... Gochiso-sama!