Saturday, January 22, 2011

Japanesey Traditional style quilt.

Finally, new quilt.
Kept thinking of making this, took a while to find right fabrics for this quilt. Since my friend gave me her Japanese boro style fabric about 4 years ago, I was thinking what is good to make with those fabric. I am glad I waited to start the project until I find the batik that go with.

It is interesting to see how "boro" can be an art in foreign country. I think "boro" and "traditional Japanese culture" can be related as kind of art, but original "boro" in Japanese means "dirty", "old", "wear and tear". I don't think my quilt is dirty, old, wear and tear, but I can feel how "boro" and "traditional" can be connected each other.

Hope this quilt will find a good home.