Thursday, February 24, 2011

Monsters Quilt in progress

I received a request from my customer for my Monsters quilt the end of last year. We discussed about the quilt, and she let me make it upon my creativity. One thing she was particular about was using Japanese fabrics. Considering the quilt is for a boy, I tried to stay on "boy taste" but Japanese, and those are made out of the custom order. The monsters are kind of weired, but since they are monsters, so I think being weired is right for them.

The quilt top is actually done, and I love the result. Since this quilt is for a boy, I used many "zakka" looking fabrics. If this is for an adult, it could be traditional taste of "Japanesey". I think that atmosphere is interesting also.

I am ready to put together the backing. I will post the completed quilt when it is done :D Hopefully, within a week! 

I have to spend most of today for doing homework unfortunately. I have been thinking what topic is good or motivate me to write for an narrative essay since this Monday. I thought I would write about my volunteer experience, but now thinking about "How to kiss" to write. If it would not work by this evening, I will go back to the previous idea.