Thursday, March 03, 2011

This morning, I found one email from this website
It was "WOW" to me, because they said in the email that they would like to introduce my Korean alphabet quilt in the section of Language on the front page! (Don't know what month it will be yet) They are also going to include my etsy shop in the article. My answer was of course YES, I feel so sorry for myself about lack of my English skill to write formal letters.

I stopped to produce an Korean alphabet quilt because it is time consuming, I wanted to do some other things than making the quilts like a factory. Since I was sometimes asked about if I carry a kit and the pattern with instructions of the quilt, I decided to sell it. There are so many quilters who can make their own Korean alphabet quilt in their taste. It's not much difficult even if you are a beginner. You just need to have some patient ;p It would be nicer to have your own taste quilt made with family's love than just buying from me.

I might again start making the quilt for sale for people who has no way to get a completed quilt, however..., I do have many other things that I want to do. I seriously need 48 hours in a day or I need to train myself to move around quicker and learn how to organize things in my brain... Wo!

I recently got a request to make a Chinese alphabet quilt. It should be appear on my blog within a month since the due is in this month. Well, my shop is going to have 3 kinds of foreign alphabet quilts, which is Japanese, Korean, Chinese. I really didn't expect this will happen when I first started to sell a Japanese alphabet quilt. We never know the future, do we?

I found one interesting article from the website!
It is talking about difficulties for Japanese to make sound "R" and "L". I think most of Japanese went through this experience, as I also did. ha.
Careful With the "R"! Japanese Language Mistakes

Enjoy :)