Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New quilt.

Made this place mat yesterday.

And I thought I would make a simple lap size quilt in this quilting pattern in a day. Looks like this (below).

Greens or Blues borders would be interesting, but how about "Lacy dreamy girl" color scheme? And, collected fabrics are here.

Well......., started to feel the first design may not work for a result what I want. Just borders with those may be too boring. Still not sure about it since they often change atmosphere at each procedures, when it is a quilt top, after it is quilted.

So, how about this way?

And, I have to have a problem with finding suitable fabric for the frame with the lacy dreamy girl team.

Well, the quilt will not be done in today :(
Maybe, make two quilts in each design would be fun to see the results.
Awwwwww, homework is waiting for me though....