Thursday, March 10, 2011

Treasury - Sake

Sake! by Fodon on @Etsy

Kind of surprised to see Japanese Sake world @Etsy.
My Sake bottle drawstrings bag is included here :)

"Sake" is Japanese rice wine. I personally don't drink Sake often since I was in Japan. It is hard for me to tell what I don't like about Sake, probably it is because of my stupid experience in my early 20s when I didn't know how alcohol engulf humans ;-p You know what I mean if you enjoy alcohol. Most of you go through this experience and learn how much you can drink, I guess. I prefer hot sake than cold sake, but hot sake has too much fragrance as I sometimes cough when sipping it. I was kind of exciting when I found "sparkling sake" here. I hadn't seen sparkling sake in Japan, and the taste was pretty good. It became my favorite item to take to a party to share :)

About my bag.
When I got this Sake fabric in Japan, I love the texture and the atmosphere of print. I thought this would be very interesting for foreigners. So, I bought large quantities. The price was also pretty good, I remember it was approx. $3/yd. And then, someone told me after I bought it that something related alcohol doesn't give American a good impression because of their major religion. It was a looong time ago, so I now know people in the USA enjoy alcohol. The sake fabric seems not to impact people here, but I still like it :)