Friday, April 08, 2011

New Quilt - 3 -

They are done though.
Turned out VERY ordinal.

I made 3 quilts from the 40 strips. Cut 2 strips from each 20 kinds of fabrics, sew them together, and cut them into blocks, added frames or sashes or whatever it is called.

I'm a little disappointed that the plants quilting pattern didn't work out well on it (the first picture), it kind of too busy with a combination of vein pattern...

I will try it again with another one. Thinking to do it with white x oranges and orange variegated thread! Not sure if it works or not...

I'm done with my homework this week! I'm going to have a fun day with sewing and outing tonight! :D 5 of lap size quilts are waiting for me to be quilted; hopefully 3 should be done in today, then play with some other things.

Have a great weekend :)