Thursday, April 28, 2011

Quilting in a hot day.

Yesterday was a hot day to quilt.
The quilt I had worked on was big enough to cover completely entire of my lap, I was glad the quilt had polyester batting. It would be heavy and warmer if it had cotton batting in between of the top and the backing.

The bumpy quilt I mentioned in the previous post was done! I am glad to see something different. Unfortunately, today is not a good day for picturing it because of the weather :(

Yesterday's evening, I found a little babies in bok-choy (qing-geng-cai) when I was cooking! Each leaves had a little baby in the layers. HOW CUTE!!!

Speaking of bok-choy, I have had delicious baby bok-choys just deep flied in vegetable oil ,without any coating like crumbs, when I visited China. I thought it was easy to cook at home, but couldn't have the same result after cooking some times. It was very good with beer and also with usual meals. I would like to try with other kind of oils when I find baby bok-choys next time :)