Sunday, May 01, 2011

Signs and fliers.

My English class was over for this semester! :D
I have a 2 weeks break before the next class starts.
But my teacher suggested me to get textbooks for the next class earlier and start studying it in advance since the summer semester is short.

Since my class was over, I started to work on sings and fliers for the community activity. We are going to have a yard sale at the end of this month, also a pot luck a while later of the yard sale. I got some compliments from the neighbors on a sign I had made for "Spring Clean up" event :D

I like to design some sort of advertisement, such as fliers, post cards, business cards, etc. I used to work for advertisement agencies for years in Japan. I really loved the job, even though overtime work was often required.

Look at this :)

It is an old edition though, my friend gave this to me~~! Happy~~~!
When I was working for the advertise agencies, the companies really didn't want to buy this kind of art clips because it is expensive!!
Well, usually it's hard to find exactly what you want, even from the 600,000 art clips on the 29 CDs, but it's very convenient for making fliers :D

So, I am going to explore this for our community yard sale fliers and signs :)
Fun :D