Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hiragana Quilt featured on blogs.

From time to time, I receive an offer for featuring my item(s) on people's blog.
I am happy to know they liked my item, and appreciate for their kind offer for advertising it on their blog.

Here is one of them, Tomo & Edie.
They started to write this blog to introduce items relevant to Japan from Etsy. Since there are many Japanese sellers on Etsy today, they would find more items easily. I look forward to seeing them :)

Also, here is their Etsy shop. They carry beautiful Japanese goods!
Tomo & Edie

Thanks, Tomo and Edie! :D

On another blog, my Hiragana quilt was introduced here back in the Feb.
I'm surprised to realize that it's been already 5 months since then. Time REALLY flies :( A day or a week pass so FAST; I feel like I don't remember what I had been doing.

This blog is written by Hiragana Mama!
Hiragana mama
She is a bilingual mom trying to teach her kids Japanese while living in the United States.
Her entire blog has something relevant to Japan; it would be interesting for foreigners to learn about Japan.

Thank you, Hiragana mama! :D


I have a final exam next week.
Finally, my English reading class will be over; my Web class will be continued until middle of September. I really have to keep up with it after this English class is over.

The next semester (fall), I am planning to take 2 English classes (+ 1 extra). The summer was 8 weeks, but the fall is 16 weeks semester. Probably it would be easier with scheduling.
After this fall, I will be finally able to take college English classes!! Not ESL! Do you know what this mean? "NOT ESL"!!! Whaaaaao! :D I am happy about that, but feel a lot of pressure at the same time.

Well, happy Forth of July to you all :)
I will be studying though :(