Saturday, July 23, 2011

Couple Pillows.

I made a couple of pillows. The brown one is a male, and the pink one is a female.

The back looks like this.
Used shell buttons and wax coated cotton strings for closure.

My initial plan for the pillow was only pink one.

I have had the pink stripe fabric for years, then the beautiful elaborate lace cotton fabric was purchased a long time ago for one custom order of pillow case dresses which were special for her wedding. Actually the lace fabric is good quality of cotton though, it was a curtain or drapes. So, I had to buy it in lots of quantities. Accordingly, I had this lace fabric for years, too.

When I lined up those two fabrics, I thought I can make a very girly pillow.
Then, I went to a quilting meeting next day that was held at fabric store, and found the brown stripes cotton fabric there. I thought the brown fabric and the pink fabric can be a couple. They both are striped pattern, cotton, woven, match with the lace fabric. I think they make a good couple :)