Monday, July 25, 2011

Exam1 !

I am taking an online class - Web Design 1.

The class requires students to submit assignments, at your pace, and 4 exams by the end of the class. Since I have some difficulties to understand the contents of the class because of English, - I have been submitting assignments in not a big delay from guideline schedule though -, I had been putting the exams behind. However. I finally took the exam 1 at the testing center at NOVA. The result was... 80/100. Not bad, but could be better.

This is interesting experience for me to take a regular classe in English. I actually have some basic old knowledge of web design, which I learned by myself in Japan. So, I thought it would not be a big problem, though (>_<).

When I read descriptions in Japanese, I understand it fully without thinking. I might be able to say the same when I do in English, but the deepness of understanding is different. I think my brain just take meanings only surface when I read it in English. It is very interesting to find myself that when I see the word, for example, "protocol" in English, my brain gets confused. But when I read it in Japanese "プロトコル", no problem! This way, whole text book has been giving me a little mess of confusions; as a result, all confusions go nowhere. It takes time to have whole linked world , and to make sense.

Even the text book is talking about what I already know, I feel like it is talking about other things. It takes a while to figure out it is talking about what I know. So, even once I thought I had understood, I get lost when it is described in another way.

I was so afraid of taking the exam. And as I expected, those confusions didn't give me high score. Anyway, it's done. And the contents of the first exam was really, really giving me a problem to memorize or to organize the knowledge in myself, I am glad to get it over with. Planning to take the next exam this weekend, finishing the class before the fall semester starts is the best for me, which is August 22 - the end day of original course schedule is September 19.

Always some discoveries when I experience something new. It's fun even if it is a problem because I am willingly doing this.

Latest Sonny :D
I love to see his expression "Did I do something wrong? I don't know what was wrong?" looking at me with wide opened eyes when I yell at him. He has been killing me with his angel attitude. I think he knows it. Naughty boy :)