Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Little segments.

Browsing my pictures folder on my computer, found so many segments of my life that I like to add something about.

A deer eating grasses at NOVA. Found her/him after my class.

Wanted to make something different for dinner. I thought it would be fun to make for my housemates as well.

My friends' dog. She is exposing herself too much. She should remain something as a dog....

Beautiful border line of mowing...

Glad I was just drinking coffee, in front of this sign, when I noticed it.

Dill flower. My friend gave me a lot of dill. The flower was beautiful. I wasn't sure if flowers are edible or not; it sounds like edible according to the research on the Internet.

Cute wooden coffee cup with a spoon. It could be one of my treasures.

Time to study, I guess...
See you~~.