Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My most concerned project.

My latest most concerned project is this.

My landlord father had passed away end of this March. I offered to make a memorial quilt for her mother, then I later got bunch of boxers that were worn by him. Some people in my quilting group were surprised to make a quilt out of boxers, but why not? The material of them are cotton, so there shouldn't be problems.

I have been learning a lot from this experience! They are cotton, but stretchy. I haven't made a T-shirt quilt though, I think this experience can be counted as one T-shirt quilt making experience because it would be very similar.

I initially removed all elastic parts, buttons and seams from the boxers. Then ironed them carefully not to stretch the materials, and put very thin interfacing on the back to make it easy to sew. And, started to piece them, though!

For me, it's so difficult to deal with vivid colors! Even more, the patterns on the boxers are big, which means they need to be remained as big blocks. The more it grew as a quilt top, the more I didn't know where it was going; it was going nowhere... I felt like getting totally lost. Only one thing I am glad about what I did is, adding yellow fabrics to it. My house mate said, "It's fun. It's OK. What's wrong with it?". I hope my landlord's mother would feel the same way. I added patriot fabrics (stars on navy blue) for sides borders in order to put this chaos together, and in order to gain some width since it was narrow and too long. So, now it looks much better (I think).

Since the materials are thicker than normal cotton fabric for quilting, like flannel, and the backing is expected to be the same materials as the front since her mother gave me more than enough of boxers for the top, I would like to use thin batting in between. Maybe flannel would be good. I feel like this quilt will be the largest one I have ever quilted. It will be HEAVY to move the quilt sandwich around on my sewing machine! - Remember, I don't have a long arm machine. Woo, exciting!! I cannot wait to see how I will feel after completion :D :D