Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New scarf project.

A few days ago, one combination of this yarn, which I keep a long time, and 5 layers gauze fabric, which I purchased in Japan a long time ago, came up on my mind when I was sleeping.

Each layer of this cotton gauze fabric looks like bandages. The quality of it is much better and more dense than bandages.
I made a baby blanket with this gauze fabric a long time ago. It makes ridges after washing. Looks like this.

Since the gauze fabric holds a lot of air in between of each layers, and it is very soft, I thought I would make a scarf with it.
It is now growing like this. It is all hand sewn.

I used small beads to hold the yarns on the gauze fabric, and coarse straight stitches to hold the front side fabric and the back side fabric, which are both the gauze fabric - it makes totally 10 layers.

After finishing stitches, I will soak it in water and dry to make ridges, and see what will happen. Hopefully it gives me interesting result.

Thinking to give this to my friend for a birthday gift who has never forget my birthday for 27 years. Her birthday is July. I feel so bad about I cannot remember the date after asking her twice. I am not brave enough to ask her the third time... So usually send her a gift around the end of July saying "Happy belated birthday".

Well... SO SORRY (>_<).