Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Birthday Party

I joined a little birthday party last night. It was a surprise party. The planner sent out the notice in the last minute, so we even didn't know we were going to get together until 24 hours before the party. I think she was also having a hard time with determination of the party since we had talked on FaceBook that the birthday lady doesn't celebrate her birthday anymore! Well, the birthday lady looked happy last night, so I think it was very good :D

All of participants couldn't be in the picture, though, Which feet belong to who? :)

And, What I brought for a gift is this.

A ornament crane made with fabric. (I took this picture before adding strings)
She somehow likes Japan, I think. So it made me to make this little (?) crane. I am glad that she said she is actually collecting ornaments :)

And, since they suggested me to make this as a sales item, I will do that :D It is flexible because it is made with fabric. The wings move when it is moved up and down.

It was a wonderful night! Thank you! :)

Additionally, I finally uploaded pictures I took in NYC on my Flickr.
NY / June 2011
I took more than 700 pics from this trip. It was reduced to approx. 450 - still a lot.
I looooooooooooved visiting museums - MOMA (the Modern art museum) and the Metropolitan museum. Life itself is a huge art - life makes history, history makes culture. whatever humans tried to shape or form or create something to describe something is an art. It's enormously interesting to see how other humans created something to describe something they wanted - there is a life in it. Seeing an art is seeing a life. Arts are everywhere, and museums have masterpieces of arts. I also love to learn a little piece of history through arts - my problem is I cannot remember what I learned, though :( Anyway, museums are worlds of dream. And, NYC was full of art!