Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pastel Cities

Here are the new quilts, called "Pastel city". I've made 5 quilts - 3 cities and 2 apartments - last week ;-p They all are similar looking.

Redish borders - 44.5" x 51 -

Green borders - 41" x 47" -

And, "Pastel apartment"

I wasn't going to make those last week, but found my stash box for pastel color fabrics was quite full when I was cutting pastel colors fabric in order to make some kits of Japanese alphabet - Hiragana - quilt. Fortunately or unfortunately, I started to piece some of the leftovers from cutting, and ended up pieced all of them... Consequently.... they turned to be 5 quilts.

I thought I would later chop the scrappy big pieces made with stashes, my friend said "it reminds me of NY city, town houses or plats." So, I decided to just add frames to the scrappy piece. Since my friend mentioned "city", I named the quilts "Pastel city". I think it's pretty :) Also I am happy about one stash box became empty so that I can store more :D

By the way.
I have been passionate about cooking with paprica, ground turkey, tomatoes, and sour cream.

I used chicken last night instead of ground turkey since I didn't have it.

My friend kindly, generously shares harvests from her garden, I have been enjoying them! :D :D :D
When basil leaves and lime juice are added to this pan, it easily makes Thai taste cooking, and I love Thai and Indian foods :) I am so lucky to be able to enjoy her harvests~~~!