Thursday, November 17, 2011

Japanese antique quilt.

A several weeks ago, I received a custom order. The customer told me that he bought a lot of Japanese antique fabric when he lived in Japan 20 years ago, and finally motivated to do something with them. When we started to discuss about his order, it was only one quilt, around 80"x 80", but it turned out 2 quilts and 4 zabuton covers. Zabuton means flat cushions in Japanese. We use it when we do "seiza", which means sit on the floor folding the legs. I have seen only one American could do it though, he may be able to do it, too.

So, here are the completed Zabuton covers.

My customer gave me a wonderful feedback when he received them. I was so happy to hear that he liked them so that I can keep my taste for other quilts order.

I received really a loooooooooooooooot of antique Japanese fabric and an old blanket that can be reused for his new quilts. I think they are more than enough for 2 quilts. I am very happy to share my room with them :)

The last week and this week were/are very productive. Since I started to work on his order, my heart cannot wait to continue the work during working on some other things. I have quilting jobs thanks to my friends and homework assignments from my English classes. Actually, I need to work on his order standing up all the time since it is convenient.

1. Cut small pieces of fabric
2. Sew the pieces together
3. Iron the sewn piece
4. Add a new piece to the sewn piece (or cut fabric)
5. Iron the piece....

I can set a small iron table next to my sewing machine, and a cutting table next to it. It is more efficient to work standing up than repeating to sit and to stand up for every action. After 2 hours, my back starts to hurt. So, I think having other things beside of this order is good for me :) I can sit when I do homework and do quilting. I really appreciate he has never push me to rush for his order. He even didn't ask me when the next order can be done when he sent me a message of Zabuton covers. I am really willing to finish the 2 quilts by Christmas. I have 2 final exams after Thanksgiving, and a month break until the next semester begins.

It is so nice to have something that I can always look forward to doing. My time is used very efficiently thanks to his order. Keeping myself busy is very good, too :D