Friday, December 09, 2011

Happy Weekend.

Yesterday was a wonderful and pretty day!

I enjoyed the wonderful annual luncheon of the big quilting group, Quilters Unlimited, yesterday thanks to our leader of the sub group, Playing Outside of the Block. She volunteered to host the luncheon, and other members helped her. She always does unbelievably wonderful and lovely jobs for everything. I am very lucky for belonging to her group and be with such a great leader. All members must be feeling this way.

I had to go to my teacher's office to pick up the result of the final exam, so left the luncheon earlier. I am so relieved to be able to register the next level of English classes. Yeees, I passed the composition class :D :D :D I was so nervous about so many of my grammatical mistakes on my English essays at the beginning of the class. It isn't still clear about the uses of articles... It made me really anxious when I heard from other students that many students fail from the class. Anyway, I yesterday enrolled all classes planned in advance for the next semester :)

So, yesterday was a pretty sunny day. I had some time to take some pics of the quilts I made. Here is the second Japanese Antique Quilt.

I sewed all remains from the first quilt and the zabuton covers, made several large pieces, and cut them into approx. 10" squares. Then, added borders to them. I like the result :D

And here is my new quilt - "Kakine".

It is now listed on my shop. Since my Sunny Day quilt was sold recently, I think there is someone who likes this quilt as well :) Also, this monster quilt was sold to one library in PA. Hope many visitors would like the quilt :)

Have a nice weekend to you all! :D :D :D