Tuesday, December 06, 2011

New quilts

I have been sewing, sewing, and sewing since my English classes were over :D I had the final exams and Christmas parties last week, it was kind of unsettling. I have got one result "PASSED" from the reading class :D Now, I am waiting for the result from the other class (composition).

The custom order of Japanese antique quilts is done. Although I still have another order from the same customer, 4 place mats and a table runner, I started to sew my original quilts because I wanted to change the mood.

One of the quilts is with these fabric.

I tried to express Japanese "Wabi-Sabi" on the quilt. The title of this quilt is "Kakine (a wooden fence)". I wanted to include the flower fabric in the quilt, and I actually did it. But, the looking wasn't what I wanted. So, I removed it, but couldn't give up to use the flower fabric for something and somewhere. So I made a small version of this quilt, a foot mat. The quilt is also already done. I am waiting for a sunny day to take good pictures of them.

Here is the second project. I wanted to express white houses on a hill in a sunny day. These are the blocks used for the quilt. The quilt top is already done. It is waiting for being quilted :D

What would I make next...? I have to organize the projects that are on my mind. I am so happy thinking of a month break from classes until beginning of January :D