Friday, February 03, 2012

BUSY January!

January was really crazy! Correctly, probably after Christmas last year. I missed many segments that I had thought to put on my blog. Birthday lunch for me, gifts from Japan, visiting friends, visitors of cats, about new classes, panicking with the history class (continuous), new diet, friendship, appreciation, met my customer in person for a custom order, etc, etc, etc. Everything including both happiness and unpleasantness came to happen during this month were very meaningful and interesting for me. Life goes on, so I will leave those which already became parts my history. I took many pictures of these events though.

So, because of this crazy weather (?), I found a small cherry blossoms 2 days ago in my community. I hope we won't have snow so that they could survive longer.

Place mats + a table runner - custom order -

Table runner - white houses -
This table runner matches with this quilt.

Quilt - custom order -
I cannot think a good name for this quilt. This is a custom order quilt. The fabric I received from my customer were these.

She wanted to have random blocks for her quilt; the pattern was discussed prior. I thought just sew the 3 fabric given together randomly would be too busy, so I added solid colors that is similar to the basic given fabric.

Here is the result.

I seldom, probably this was my first time, deal with vivid colors and busy patterns for my original work. It was a little concern for me that if I could put them together well. I brought the quilt to my quilting group for show and tell, and many of the members gave me "Good Job!". So I hope my customer would like it.

Finally, my naughty boy has been so fascinated by squirrels.

He waits and waits at the window for hours to see his friend coming to eat peanuts spread by my landlord.

My landlord started spread peanuts for HIM to give some excitement and fun, but I am the one who have been actually having fun watching him being excited. He is cute.