Monday, February 20, 2012

Japanese mafia quilt?

At the quilting meeting, the meeting place was at the fabric store, I found interesting fabric on sale.

Clouds all over.

I remembered one fabric that I have would go with this clouds fabric well.

They are Japanese Sesar, I don't know correct spelling for it, which is a lion or a dog who guard God, I don't know what kind of God they are guarding, at the front of shrines or temples. These are seen only in Okinawa, not in main land of Japan.

I anyway got this clouds all over fabric, and came home. Then I found another clouds all over that came with the Sesar fabric.

When I saw it closely, there are dragon's pattern all over. And another fabric that I have would go with these very well.


Lined them up.

Wait a minute.

It is becoming "Yakuza (Japanese mafia)" atmosphere.
Yakuza Image

Dragon, Sakura, clouds or water flow, and Oni (Japanese monsters) are popular for the pattern of Tattoo for Yakuza people.

Well. I don't think many Americans would know about this, and it could be a pretty (?) quilt for boys to Americans if I made a quilt with these materials.

What do you think.... better to not make?