Thursday, March 01, 2012


On such a beautiful day....

I received the results of my first test and the book review from my History class.

I had never studied this hard in my whole life until today. I cannot stop regretting why I didn't study this hard when I was in school in my teen! Education means really a lot, and it is much easier to do in younger age. Undoubtedly, English problem is making harder for me everything though, it anyway take longer time to understand.

Anyway, here is the result.
Book Review!

The 1st Test!

I am proud of myself to get this grade from world history class with English handicap. I hugged my professor when the paper was returned. I was SO excited! Everybody says it will be easier and easier because I will get used to study while learning English. Also, I really do appreciate huge help by my house mate, R! He was born with a spirit of teaching. He helps me to understand in easier way by DVDs, always talking or reminding me about historical events, and is very good at finding materials to learn. He tries to prevent me from overwhelming by organizing studying guide. I couldn't get this grade without his help.

Also, Photography class is getting exciting. I took this class to satisfy credit requirement expecting as an easy ride, but it wasn't easy, here again, English, and I wanted to take better photos of my sales items on etsy since I hear often from my customers, "The actual item is so much prettier than the picture." All kinds of mechanical and technical terms of camera made me really nervous at the beginning of class though, Now, half of the class is over. I started to enjoy it since I am now used to them. Plus, the last half of the class would be really exciting because we are now going to get into the artistic world and work on the final project using whatever we learned.

I like to take pictures, but didn't know anything about technical things. I realized my camera, Nikon Complex 8100, is a well made toy. It would be very exciting to get a better camera which can have full control of all kinds of features. Mine allows to modify only ISO setting and have preset of white balance, which means almost nothing... Well, I don't have time to get into the deep world of photography, so will think about it in future. I am happy to be able to learn those through this class anyway.

Next week is SPRING BREAK! I will have a celebration in relaxation this weekend! :D :D :D I have to treat R to something! Yay!