Friday, March 09, 2012

Holocaust Museum

Since I have been reading the book "The Envoy" for the second book review for my history class assignment, I visited the Holocause Museum in DC yesterday. The book is about a Swedish man, Raoul Wallenburg, who saved 100,000 Jews in Nazi-occupied Hungary during the World War II.

I was initially going to read another book that is about Nitingale, but I found that I just assumed the book is about her biography, but it wasn't. also, writing of the book was harder for me to understand than the other candidate "The Envoy", so I switched the book to read.

Since it's hard for me to get all kinds of information about the events only from reading the book, I watched 2 DVDs about Wallenburg, have been reading about ralevant events on Wikipedia little by little in order to understand the background and further infomation I want to know.

I think I could finish only 1/4 of exhibition in the museam. I have to go back to finish them in near future. I would like to go through the detail of the historical events by the time of Holocaust. The exhibition on the bottom floor was a great one to know that all.

Although it was very windy, yesterday was a pretty day. The last time I visited the American history museum, the food at the cafe was so expensive, so I brought my own lunch this time. I used the containers that I can throw away after finishing lunch, but ended up bringing them back... I cannot throw anything away :(

Spring Break is almost over. I couldn't get quilting done as much as I hoped :( I got to be busy this weekend, especially night time since I decided to sew at night. I have been having productive days. And, I love it :D