Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I really want to sew whole day.

In the happy morning as this breakfast was waiting for me on the table to be eaten by me,

I found some piles of my projects have been occupying my room and are waiting for me to be sewn! I am showing them here - they are major ones. I have minor ones as well.

Japanese Katakana alphabet quilt (custom order) will be done first... It is coming along little by little.

And, the Robot quilt (custom order) will be the next. The fabrics for the quilt I ordered arrived a few days ago, but unfortunately, the online shop made an mistake on my order, and I am waiting for it to be corrected. Otherwise, I picked one quilt pattern for the robot quilt and finished making diagram, so the fabrics are ready to be cut and sewn. I am thinking to work on 2 quilts at once with the materials.

And, probably English Alphabet Quilt would be the next. A few years ago, I made 3 quilt tops in this pattern. All of them were sold.

My dentist agreed to give me an examination in an exchange for my quilt. When she picked up this quilt from my etsy shop, it was just after being sold. So, I promised her to make another one for her - the baby's due who she wants to give the quilt to is in September; still have time :) I would make 3-4 tops at once again then.

And, some projects I am really ready to work on.

Japanese Tenugui Quilt. Tenugui is a Japanese cotton face towel. They usually have unique printing pattern on them.
I am thinking to make 2 quilts with different fabrics for sashes and borders. When I bought the light gray fabric (the bottom one in the photo), I was thinking to make a girl's quilt. Well. I may want to get another piece for the original plan.

Traditional Japanese Quilt.

2 or more Table Toppers with Linen looking fabric - actually they are cotton.

I am really not sure when I can start working on them. I am sure custom orders will be done as soon as possible though.

Although I want to believe that it was not from stress of studying which keeps me away from sewing, I ordered bunch of fabrics from online shop at the middle of night, I could say it was almost dawn, a few days ago. When I receive the fabrics, I will see if I am disappointed with myself about picking up bunch of unnecessary fabrics because of lack of restraint; or, if I made the right decision of picking up great fabrics for future uses even when I was out of control. The latter sounds better ;-p