Monday, March 19, 2012

New Collection...

I received a custom quilt order from my repeat customer who purchased this quilt (below) a few years ago.

Her request was to make a similar quilt to her previous purchase for her second son. I was very happy to know that she is happy with the quilt after a few years from the purchase and picked me for another quilt :D

I seldom hear from my customers about how my production is doing, though, actually she was the second person who lately told me that she is still happy with it. The first customer who purchased a baby quilt for her daughter expressed about the quilt as "after abusing it for a few years, it is still doing excellent." Thank you very much :D

Anyway, I usually don't make a quilt for a boy because my eyes naturally catch something for girls, not for boys. I make a boy's quilt when I found something meets specially my interest. My customer said that she had been checking my shop from time to time, but a boy's quilt wasn't listed; so, she decided just to write me.

It was very good timing because I was just checking one of my favorite online fabric store because they sent me a 15%OFF coupon and my brain remembered this robot fabric from Robert Kaufuman.

I thought this line is perfect for her request, and ordered them soon after her request without asking her opinion. I thought I anyway make a quilt with them. I showed her my fabric order later, and she liked it! Phew.

Then, I went to Jo-Ann for threads as I planned previously, they were on sale, and found perfect backing for the robot quilt!

So! I am really ready to start making the robot quilt, but unfortunately I have to wait the delivery of the kauffman fabric from the online shop. It would take around 2 weeks. Meanwhile, I will work on another quilt order - Japanese alphabet quilt. And I have the 2nd exam from the history class next week.

Byyyyyyyy the way.
As I mentioned, I went to Jo-Ann yesterday.
Cotton fabrics for quilts were 40%OFF. OH MY.

Here is my new collection, which I have no idea when it turn to be a quilt; but my mind is already be with them...

Plus, neutral colors jerry roll from moda.

Half of them are from my stash from the fabric shelf, another half are from Jo-Ann. When I was picking up the fabrics, I was going to make a quilt for a "adult city man" or a "careered city woman". But I am now not sure about the theme after adding to the line from my stash. The whole world of image is now getting different from the beginning.

I picked some quilt patterns for this collection though,

I think I would just use Rail Fence pattern which I love :)

Well, I am now going back to reality, and finishing my assignments.