Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Final Project of my Photography class

Today was SO beautiful!

This Spring semester is over this week. I am having an easy ending this time compared to the other students who have finals from multiple classes.

Although I have too enough pictures for my final project which has to be presented as a slideshow in my photography class, I went to the botanical garden in my area today to look for new candidates of my project. I have three options on my mind for the final and cannot determine yet which one to pick up. The most easiest one is "cat" though, I somehow don't want to take it... If I couldn't work with other options well on time, then I think I would take "cat".

Most will be picked from here since I can include only 8 - 10 photos in the slideshow.

I seldom shoot people, but am getting interested in it thanks to the one of my classmates who likes to shoot people. I think I am kind of getting tired of shooting something that don't have a lot of dramas such as flowers, compared to people. Woo! I will need a better camera which has controllable shutter speed! :-p
Anyway... if you were interested in, other photos taken at the botanical garden today are here :) I picked some from 350 pics.

As for my quilts.
The custom robot quilt left me a few days ago after it had been purchased by my customer.

A new bird quilt was listed in my shop yesterday. Thanks to three of my quilting friends who gave me bundles of the bird fabrics, it became enough to make one twin size quilt.

I am happy that it was picked on one treasury list already.
A Kitten Named Gatsby

I wanted to make the quilt simple, my quilt is always simple though, but after it was done, I am feeling that I could have a quilting pattern which gives nature impression on it such as leaves and vines.

A quilt made with Japanese tenugui is ready to be listed, but need some more photos of it.

I personally love this one and would love to use it on my bed... though..., I hope this one will find a good home.

See you! :D