Sunday, April 15, 2012

One day of Spring

I am done with all work due on tomorrow including assignments, so I wanted to post something on my blog before going to bed. I am actually almost done with 2 of donation quilts; I enjoyed the process as well - binding left though.

I enjoyed window shopping today after a long time paying attention to something which I usually don't!

Beer from Belgium.
The color of beer on the package really looked tasty. I am not a big fun of black beer, and I felt like I smelled light pop odor of hops through this picture. I think it's part of because I am really limiting myself to alcohol amount to drink for a long time. I personally think this package is very successful to be consumed. And, I have been feeling so sorry for Belgium after learning her history. Despite of a neutral country, she was dragged into World War I and II. I think I will try the beer someday...

It's hard to believe there are gluten free beer. After removing wheat or hops, what's left?? Flavor is one of the most important part of beer to enjoy. But, I would like to try it someday anyway. It costed $6.49 per a bottle of 500ml, so I would try it when I become rich :D

Bags from Kellogg. I really wanted this bags, but had to buy 2 boxes of Kellogg cereal. I loved the designs of them and seriously thought this makes a good gift for my friend, Japanese who lives in Japan, who wanted to have a shopping bag from Trader Joe's - Trader Joe's is on travel guide books for Japanese for traveling west coast - you believe it or not.

Although my housemate calls me

I prefer "Tough Cookie" because I am, not a sweetie pie. And, it was accepted :)

My most excitement for this spring-summer is these!

I know basil and okra grow in the backyard since I tried them in the last 2 years. Unfortunately Okra didn't grow well because I planted it too late. So, I will try basil, okra, and CATNIP - new experience for me - this summer. I love to use basil or other herbs in my cooking, but they, grew one, are expensive at grocery shops. Okra is for revenge that I couldn't get good harvest last year. I will start planting them soon after getting in May! :D :D :D