Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Biology in Summer

This is the class I am taking for this summer semester.

Today was the first class day of the summer semester for all students. I measured length of starfish legs in the lab today...

I saw new students were having a tour in NOVA (Northern Virginia Community College).

My biology teacher will explain us about elements, compound, atom, and electrons etc tomorrow... He is a young, fashionable, and very thin guy who looks weak. When I see such a thin man, I always feel like I want to push him hard from front to see if his body falls down - how weak he is. I think it's because I expect males being physically strong. Well, please don't take me wrong, I have never taken that action.

A chipmunk running in the campus.

I was told by someone a long time ago that squirrels are chipmunks. I believed it until today. When we Japanese call "Risu" which Japanese-English dictionaries show it as a squirrel, it means a chipmunk. I asked what a big chipmunk (squirrel) is called, and was told it's a chipmunk. I learned the clear difference of a chipmunk and a squirrel today. Everything in the USA is big, even squirrels...

Beautiful pink flowers.

The project I have been working on at the quilting meeting.

When I go to the quilting meeting, I usually take this project with me to work on. I hand stitched with pastel colors embroidery thread on natural white cotton fabric. Each white squares are unique. I am thinking to make a baby quilt with those blocks :)

I took many pictures of my quilts that will be listed on my Etsy shop yesterday. I will start posting them little by little from tomorrow or this weekend. Also, taking pictures of process of a reversible quilt using pre-quilted fabric. I will show how I make a reversible quilt when it's done. I think it might be good for people who hesitate to quilt large area and those who don't mind to quilt small area. You can make small quilted blocks to one big quilt by connecting the small quilted pieces.

Matane~! (Take care)