Sunday, May 06, 2012

Excitements from this weekend.

We had community yard sale this weekend :D I always love yard sale to look around and to sell.

This time, I displayed some of my sales items from my Etsy shop wishing some people pick up my business card. I know people who come to yard sale look for very special deals, so I didn't expect my Etsy items would be sold at all; but, actually one cat pillow was sold to a teenage girl :) She just grabbed it and didn't let it go. I was happy to see that she liked the cat very much :)

Some people suggested me to sell my items at craft shows and gave me the name of their favorite shows. I have thought about it some times, but it didn't happen for some reasons. I may start doing it.

I was selling some clothes at $2 each which I got from my friend's sister. I learned clothes are sold! I didn't think about selling clothes since I don't like shopping for clothes. This white dress was kept for myself for a wedding ceremony to wear along the suggestions from neighbors so that I don't have to go shopping for a dress. I was invited to a wedding party in July, which will be my first wedding party in the USA.

Although yard sale was until 1pm, I had to close the display around 12:00pm and leave home for the Gold Cup by 1pm!

I heard Gold Cup is a horse race, so I expected to see many horses and people who are enthusiastic about horses or horse races just like I see it in Japan. It was a LOT different from Japanese one, here are some images of Japanese horse races, I didn't understand why people needed to dress up to go to a horse race. What I saw in the horse race place was people, people, people who dressed up nicely with hats! So, I learned Gold Cup is the one of social opportunities with people who get together for the horse race. I thought the horse race was just a reason to get together ... It was bunch of groups of people having a party. I took a lot of pictures and of course had a lot of fun! Also, I met one cute girl thanks to my friend. I hope to see her again :)

I went to the Meadowlark Botanical Garden this morning and again took a lot of pictures.

One photographer who was shooting baby geese.

I am now in Spring break before the summer class! I will have a lot of fun in the next few weeks :D :D :D :D