Saturday, May 26, 2012

Japanese Obi with Japanese Old Bills

It was really fascinating to find Japanese old bills inside of old Japanese obi!

My friend gave me many Japanese Obi. I thought I would make some small items with them, and disassembled some of them.
Look at what I found inside one of the obis! They were in a little compartment, and it was attached in between the material of the obi.

The Japanese bills were issued 30 years before I was born, but still available to use in Japan! The value when it was used as money, it's just 10 cents though, I cannot stop thinking of the history that this bill had with. What kind of lady hid these bills? What made her to think that she needed to hide them in her obi? Nobody noticed there are old bills in this obi, so it ended up being sold and now it is here.

It's so interesting and exciting, isn't it!