Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Place mats made with fabrics for Cross stitch

Made 8 place mats with fabrics for Cross stitch. The materials are very nice natural colors. I enjoyed the textile also.

Those materials came from one of the give-away tables at one of quilting meetings. One lady put small pieces of leftovers of cross stitch fabrics on the table. I think they turned out great :D

They all are cotton. I pre-washed all materials before assembling. I personally love them. And, thinking to give them to my friend's sister for her wedding gift. I need to make sure if there is any possibility for her to like them by asking her mother. If they are not her taste, they will be for sale :)

I have helped my friend for cleaning or organizing her studio for more than half year. She cleaned out some plastic bins today. She gives me whatever she doesn't need anymore, and the materials she gives me make resources of donation quilts. These are some of them, which are reversible pre-quilted fabric. Since I have experienced a while ago to make a reversible quilt, I think I can make some kids or lap quilts with them.

These kinds are not my taste at all, but I think they are American taste that is popular. I appreciate to be able to have opportunities to work with color combinations that is not my taste. I think this is kind of color lesson for me. Also, I want to do something for my quilting group in return since they bring me a lot of benefits. I hope this is working out.

Hope you all have a great weekend. I will go to Lancaster, PA this weekend, Yaaaaaaay :D