Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Drawstrings bags

Sewing, sewing, sewing :D

I went to the botanical garden this morning before temparature went up - it was anyway hot though -. I am very happy to be able to see the beautiful lotus flowers!

I think lotus means a lot to Asian people. They appear in special scenes. For an example, the seat that Buddha is sitting on is lotus leaves. I have seen one Thai movie that depicted one girl's life who works for lotus field. She collects lotus flowers by a little boat and sells them at the flower market. I don't remember the detail of the story, but I remember the beauty of the lotus flowers, and her - she was a very beautiful woman.

I started work on drawstrings bags using the wool felts that I had received the other day.

3 drawstrings bags with a little different color variety. I am thinking to make some more in another design.

I have 3 kinds of placemats (set of 4 each) ready to be listed in Etsy. I will take pictures of them tomorrow, and they be listed sometime in tomorrow.

See you! :D