Friday, July 13, 2012

Cotton Tapes

So, I have been enjoying making Bird drawstrings bags (pouches) :D
And, more than 10 birds were waiting for their strings to be attached. I have just received cotton tapes I had ordered 5 days ago, which are used as strings for the birds. It was quick shipping, thank you! I purchased them from here,

I wasn't sure which width and weight is the best for strings, so ordered some.
1/4" light weight, 3/8 light weight, 3/8 heavy weight.
I wanted to try 1/4" heavy weight also, but they didn't carry it.

Comparison on my birds.

1/4" light weight.

3/8" light weight.

3/8" heavy weight.

I think both 1/4" light weight or 3/8" light weight would work. 3/8" heavy weight could be OK, but a little too thick I think. It could be used as a little tag or something.

I am happy that now all of my birds will be ready to be on the market :)

This weekend, I was invited 3 parties. Today is picnic, and 2 wedding parties tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. I am glad to be able to see all kinds of happy faces there and to have fancy food :D Hope you have a great weekend!