Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Japanese Quilt Magazine

This latest issue of Japanese quilt magazine was in the package from Japan that one of my best friends sent me.

I learned some about Japanese indigo fabric from one article on the magazine. I didn't know each indigo color has an unique name (below).

And, all kinds of patterns of indigo fabrics (below).

Here are some of my favos of Japanese quilts from the magazine.

This bag is my super favorite! (below)

Hawaian quilts are very popular in Japan. (below)
A while ago, when I googled "quilts" on Japanese google, more than 80% of quilts came up on the research results were Hawaian.

The best friend of mine does Amigurumi! She loves yarns and strings.

Look at the detail of the mouth of this frog. (below)

They have a house. (below)
They are now sitting beside of my computer :D with a pin cushion that other of my friend gave me.

In addition.
My latest favorite item found at a thrift shop.
Aluminum containers in 3 different sizes, which were 75 cents for a set of 3. I think these were used for cooking. Its price was also GOOD!

They are SO lovely to store craft things. It's also perfect for a yarn skein when knitting or chrochetting to prevent the yarn rolling all over, easy to carry as well. I'm so happy when I find something like this since it seldom happens :D :D