Sunday, July 29, 2012


Since my room was rearranged, I have been also organizing my stuff, mostly fabrics, and discovering UFOs that I had already forgotton. The UFOs are usually 1) left over of quilt blocks, 2) fabrics that had been cut to make something, 3) projects that were left in the middle of process. I made 4~5 items from them, and am feeling good about they are not UFOs anymore :)

This is one of them (below). It will be a table runner, but originally it was going to be a small bag. I disassembled it and cut the piece, and made a table runner.

And these left overs of quilt blocks will be Mug Rugs (below).

The hand stitching blocks that I was working on, maybe, for more than a year, which was a project working on only at the quilting meetings were done the other day. So, I assembled them to make a baby quilt (below).

I used gauze fabrics imported from Japan for both the top and back. I will do hand quilt this (!). I am not sure if this will be for a sale or not because it will take a loooong time to finish it, and materials were costly, which means the quilt itself will be expensive when it's sold. I may just adore this on my lap then :)

By the way, I found a good way to use left overs of batting!

Cotton batting is useful until it really become small pieces, and I have small projects like coasters that the small pieces can be used for, but polyester batting.

This works to clean the hard wood floor! It catches dust and hair very well. I would like you to try this if you have a problem with a use of polyester batting left over :D

This weekend was SO peaceful, well it's usual though, I enjoyed sewing very much. I like my present room better; it's much more organized. Hope you had a good one as well :)