Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Wedding celemonies and parties the last weekend

It took a while to sort, organize, and modifying the pictures I took. As usual, I took a lot. Also, videos. Most of them will be sent to the family, and I show some of them here, just some images.

The first day of the wedding was American style.

This grabbed most of my attention (below). It was GOOD.

Two cameramen were hired for this wedding.
He looked bored. I heard the next day that he was so tired because he had 2 weddings before this one.

I was so jealous the cameramen for getting the best spots to take all kinds of photos. There were so many scenes and things that I wanted to shoot... I love to see all kinds of human scenes shown by the people who get together at events. Especially, most of the case, wedding is happy, happy, aaaand happy :)

The second celemony was at the Indian temple.

The traditional and religious ceremony scared me a little. What the old women were thinking of the new young bride who became the part of their family?

It was very interesting weekend :)