Monday, August 27, 2012

Exciting day!

Today was so exciting :D
It started with a meeting of the quilting group; the meeting was great as usual.
I had a lot to carry to the meeting today. Quilts for 3 customers, give away fabrics, donation quilts, and my work to do there.

I had the "Introduction to Communication" class this afternoon, which gives me opportunities to speak in public, which I don't like. Many people get nervous when they speak in front of many people, so do I. It's much better than when I was younger, though.

I usually keep myself quiet. It's not because I have nothing to say or I am not thinking about anything. I have things that I want to say, that is why I have written this blog for years. I feel like that not many people would be interested what I say because I feel people have better things to say. I don't want to waste their time by listening to my stories. And, I teel like that keeping that attitude for years made me forget how to approach to get in conversations. Blog is a good way for me to express myself because I can let people choose to read it or not. When I talk to people, it's kind of I am forcing them to listen to me, they have almost no choice. And, I don't like that "control."

R said to me "You are making yourself useless and not important to other people by having that attitude. JUST SPEAK UP!" I think he is right. We talk about all kinds of things. I don't mind talking to him. I want him to listen to me whatever the topics are. We seldom have arguments, and he always have answers to my questions. He is my problem solver :-p

Anyway, I had to give a speech in the class this afternoon. So, I thought I would practice by standing up the Show & Tell in the quilting group before the class, and showed 4 donation quilts.

I couldn't speak well as usual. Thanks to our leader and other members' help, I could say something. Especially, I was so happy to receive their "Congratulations" on my divorce by personal messages and clap.

Here is one special card from my friend :)

After the meeting, I went to the class. I think I did the speech better than I expected. I have to see the video recorded while I was speaking to evaluate myself. That is an assignment of this week. I really don't want to see the video though...

One boy, a student, gave me this small Origami flower after the class. I was very moved.

According to his self-introduction, one of his hobbies is Origami. He knew I am a Japanese, and probably thought I would like it. I will look for an smaller bottle for his flower. He has a big body. I wonder how he folded a small piece of paper to make this tiny flower!

After coming home, I talked with S and R how the class was. S offered us a pizza to celebrate my achievment for today :)

Life is wonderful, isn't it :)