Sunday, August 19, 2012


Nice breezy Saturday, I caught my neighbor was killing her nice gorgeous herbs growing in her front yard when I came home from outing. I simply couldn't believe what she was doing. I was thinking "What a gorgeous rosemaries... Fragrance is so gorgeous as well!" every time I pass her house.


She explained that her renter has been taking care of her garden for years and actually didn't know what he was doing until she came out of her house to see what's going on. "I was shocked, too!" she said. He said "I planted the herbs 3 years ago. I thought they are too big. I will plant something else." She continued "I will have my little herb garden in the back yard, then."

So, here is what I got from her. I said to her, "I was thinking the rosemary is so gorgeous every time I pass here." She said, "well, it's all yours now !"

It was grown as tree! (above)

I cut them in little branches, cleaned, rinsed and froze each separately. I thought I would share with quilting ladies, but the next meeting (tomorrow) is not a regular meeting. We have a field trip to Webfabrics; it's not a good time to bring herbs, and it won't last for a week in this condition. So, now our freezer has tons of plastic bags of rosemaris (and sages).

If I was a soap maker, it was very nice to have such a lot of quantities, but all I can think of with rosemary is for cooking. I think we will be tired of rosemary a month later...

And, R's green (below) are growing and growing :)

The fall semester of school will begin this Wednesday. I cannot believe my summer vacation is almost over. I don't remember what I was doing during the vacation, but I was busy with something. I feel like there were some dramas, but don't remember. My eyes are always looking forward. ha ha ha.