Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The last day of my summer break

Today was the last day of my summer break. There was nothing special today, which is appreciated, yesterday was very special, which is also appreciated.

Our quilting group had a field trip to Webfabrics yesterday instead of a regular meeting. This quilt shop seemed like carrying everything of quilting. I understand why people make a trip there. It's an hour drive one way, kind of far from our area.

I was supposed to enjoy "window shopping and just looking", though, these are what I got...

The 2 pieces of FQ have Japanese taste.
The solid bundle is made with 10 FQs. It's from moda. We don't have many quilt shops around here, our favorite one doesn't carry a lot of solids. And, Jo-ann don't carry solids in variety of colors.

When I took this in my hand, one simple quilt like rail-fence was on my mind, but I will wait until a better idea comes up.

After the quilt shop, we had a nice lunch at Magnolias. I had a tuna sandwich, it was very good.

After come home, I went to pick up eggplants following my friend's generous offer. I expected to leave her home soon, but we unexpectedly had a lot of fun thanks to her wine offer, and stayed there almost 4 hours :-p I'm so excited to find commonality between us and to get to know better about her. It was just FUN and happy!

I think this summer was kind of special. I feel like I did a lot of something, but at the same time, I feel I did nothing. Everyday goes by peacefully. I enjoyed eating, drinking, chatting, and sewing. I was able to set my first goal after talking with college people (professors, counselors, advisors). It was a rich summer. So, now I am ready for fall (maybe..., I hope...) :)