Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Stereotyping or Indiscrimination

I have been studying, studying, and studying lately and do not have time for sewing (>_<). I already had two of the first exams from "Communication" class and "Psychology" class last week, and will have "History" exam this week, "Introducing of Paralegal" exam next week.

It has been very interesting to learn new things, but everything is too new to me, and feel very new about even what I already know because the language is English. I even enjoy this "suffer" because not many people would experience it, but most of the time, it is really hard.

It's been over a month since the classes begun, and I have a lot to tell about those classes, but I don't have time.

I thought I anyway write something because I don't like to neglect this blog.

Today, I brought one question to my Psychology professor. I was actually feeling a little barrier around him because I felt "He looks so friendly and talks very friendly, joking in the class, but he has something that makes me feel he is cold. He might have learned those friendly attitude from long years experience of teaching because he would know what students like, especially he is a psychology teacher. But, he may actually not like people." Of course, this is just my impression on him watching his behavior, it's not what I learned from experience with him.

From the Communication exam that I took last week, I missed this question.

"All teenagers are ill-prepared for college." is an example that represents what type of statement?

Who cares? - is not the answer. I answered as it is "stereotyping," but the right answer is "indiscrimination."

The text book says :
Stereotyping - a categorizing of events, objects, and people without regard to unique individual characteristics and qualities. Stereotypes are often negative, but they may also be positive. Whether the stereotype is negative or positive, the problem is the same : Individual qualities are ignored. Stereotyping is quick and easy to do because it does not require analysis, investigation, or thought.
Indiscrimination : The neglect of individual differences and overemphasis of similarities. Form of perceptual set in which a person chooses to ignore differences and changes in events, things, and people.

So, What is the difference between these??

I should have brought this question to my Communication professor, but he said in the last class that "If you would like to discuss about exam I, you should make an appointment to meet me within my office hours by October 27. I won't discuss ANYTHING about the exam I after 27th. "

Troublesome, isn't it.

I thought my Psychology professor would know the answer because he is a psychology teacher - he should know all kinds of human behaviors. I also wanted to see how he would react to the question brought from another class.

He was VERY friendly and looked "answering to any questions is MORE than WELCOME!!", and I understood the difference.

When the subject has "All" in front, it is "indiscriminatio." That is true.
If the sample sentence was "Teenagers are ill-prepared for college," it's stereotyping.

He said "English Sh*t!, right?" with a biiiiiiiiiig smile after answering to my question. I'm glad that I found his attraction :)