Saturday, December 08, 2012


Long time no see!
I still have a week to go until this semester is over, but my heart is already flying to holiday!

It was a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong semester, I really had a hard time to fight against my laziness. This is the most hardest part when learning new things, always. Because professors are not asking students difficult things since the curriculum is planned for students to learn step by step, and because most people's IQ is in average, it should not be that hard in term of learning. What the individual difference is how many hours you take for studying, how strong you are to hold yourself from all kinds of temptations except for studying.

Of course, in my case, English makes everything difficult though. It's take a while for me to realize that "OH, I already knew that!" while listening to professors :( since there is a little time difference between listening in English and interpreting in Japanese and understanding.

Anyway, I think I learned a lot in this semester! Not only about the subjects from the classes I took, but also about myself and about R. we talked a lot about everything - as usual. It's hard to believe this richness of life comes every semester. Wonderful! - but I want to do some creative things than studying!

So, I took a little break today before the final week since it was so warm, and we went to the Meadowlark Garden this early evening. Since it is holiday season, there were so many lights all over the place. I enjoyed shooting photos after a LONG TIME with my NEW CAMERA! (>_<)

And, while enjoying shooting, it got dark. They charge $13 per person for a night visit. We were lucky!

Inside of the building is pretty as well :D I love the decoration!

My holiday is almost here! SOON!!!