Sunday, January 27, 2013

A quilt for men

So, I had a desire to make a quilt for men for a while - maybe for a year.
The color I wanted to use as a base is light gray, and I was collecting fabrics for that. But, could not determined what pattern is good for the quilt.

I saw this pattern at the Connecting Thread the other day. It said "I am the one."

So, I started to cut the fabrics and made the first circle with them.

Ummmmm. What do you think?
Individual block, it is not a block yet though, gives different impression than when it become a quilt top. I think I go further a little more.

Two color choices for the back ground - navy blue or light gray -.
I think Americans would prefer navy blue because it makes contrast. My preference is light gray. Either way, I need to order the fabric.

I thought beige might be good either, but it may look like a little feminine. Natural white would be too boring. Or, choose natural white and use beige or light gray thread for quilting - might be weird. The center circle is going to be light brown. Ummm.

By the way.
Today's lunch was good! I think I was able to serve it nicely.
Mushrooms + romaine, eggs + tomato + hummus, and the cheese cake, baked with my rice cooker, with whip cream!

It was GOOD :D :D
The cheese cake was delicious.....