Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since tomorrow is the Valentine's day, LOVE is everywhere!
Toastmasters' speech topic at the meeting is LOVE, hubby dubby, kissy, flowery; many bloggers are posting quilts made for their valentines; and, my English professor asked us to write a poem tittled "Love and its power" as an assignment!

So, here is my very first poem written in English! - ha ha!

Sonny wondering what I am doing.

“Love and Its Power”

Sonny – Orange fur, adorable meow,
purr too much around 4pm every day.

You know how pretty you are,
you lay on the ground, on the bed, anywhere you want,
wriggle your back down,
showing your soft white stomach,
but focusing your eyes on me,
and MEOW!

I am the one who always compromise to satisfy
your needs of attention (and food).

Don't you care how I am feeling for my problem?
I don't mean I want you to think about it together
(because I know you cannot, and)
because I usually forget what I was thinking about
after your MEOW!

And, I love to smile with your PURRRRRRRRRRR.......


I do not know what my actual valentine's day, tomorrow, will be like yet. R asked me if I want to do something special. Accordding his plan, go to Jo-ann --> go to our favorite restaurant --> buy wine --> DVD? He says he does not have any particular things that he wants to do, and actually me as well. So, maybe we would stay home and do nothing special; we anyway like to stay at this cozy home. Also, I have classes tomorrow, and he might be doing tutoring.

We already went to several stores to look for cards together, and picked up some from the card shelf, show each other what we picked, and put them back to the shelf, and picked up our most favorite one together, bought the one for us. So, it already made tomorrow special :)

Well, hope you have a wonderful one, too! :D :D :D