Monday, February 25, 2013

My First Entry in QU Quilt Show

QU quilt show is our local annual quilt show held on the first weekend of June. This show is the largest one in my area, and Northern Virginia Quilters Unlimited hosts the show. This year, it will be the 40th anniversary.

I am a member of QU for a long time, and have been asked by the quilting ladies if I show my quilts at the show every year, but my answer was always "no." I always had quilts that I can put in the show though. It did not mean I am not interested in the show, in fact I enjoy the show almost every year.

I think I worry about the quilt cannot be listed online until the quilt come home after the show ending, and did not want to wait until then.

I received a reminder from our leader, Donna, that the registration of the show can be done online, and at her group meeting today is the last chance for measuring and photographing the quilts. I thought in the bed last night, "Hummm, I think I am going to put 2 quilts in the show this year."

These are the ones, so they were removed from my shop temporarily.

I love these kind of "girly" quilts though, it takes a looooooong time to be sold in my shop. I do not think the population of girly things lovers is few, so something is wrong on my quilt.

Anyway, I am a bit excited to think of my quilts hung in the show this year :)

Have a nice week!